Contact information

If you have any problems using Diablo, or any suggestions or questions, please let us know. Send mail to either the public mailing list, (you have to subscribe here first), or to the developers privately at

The current main Diablo developers are:

  • Bert Abrath
  • Bart Coppens
  • Bjorn De Sutter
  • Jens Van den Broeck

We are all members of the CSL research group of the ELIS department of Ghent University. Our research interests include:

  • link-time optimization
  • whole-system optimization (including optimization/compaction of operating system kernels)
  • whole-program power optimization
  • program security through watermarking and obfuscation

You can of course always contact us via email. Our email addresses are all of the form

Former main Diablo developers include:

  • Bruno De Bus (main architect)
  • Dominique Chanet
  • Ludo Van Put
  • Bertrand Anckaert
  • Matias Madou
  • Frederik Vandeputte
  • Stijn Volckaert
  • Jonas Maebe
  • Ronald De Keulenaer



  • Luk Claes
  • Daan Mervielde
  • Wim Hillewaert
  • Wouter Verlinden
  • Pieter Ruts
  • Wim De Houwer
  • Dieter Govaerts
  • Christoph Hanssens
  • Kristof Smits
  • Sven Vermeulen
  • Ramon Bertran
  • Jens Geiregat
  • Bruno Cromheeke
  • Kris Couck
  • Pieter De Coninck
  • Tim Cappelle
  • Sander Bogaert
  • eleiper
  • jcabezas
  • morrow
  • vilanova


PARIS research group - ELIS department - Ghent University