Suggestions to insert links to other relevant projects are welcome. If you are using or planning to use Diablo, it would be kind to link to the Diablo website from your (projects) website.

Related projects

FIT: The Flexible Instrumentation Toolkit. This is a multi-platform static instrumentor (a la ATOM) based on Diablo.

Other link-time optimizers

Alto: A predecessor of Squeeze++ that optimizes for speed.
Plto/Ilto: Link-time optimizers for the Pentium and the Itanium.
Spike: A commercial link-time optimizer for the Alpha/Tru64 architecture.

Other binary rewriters

Om: A binary optimizer for the Alpha/Tru64 architecture.
Eel: The Executable Editing library.
UQBT: University of Queensland binary translator.
Boomerang: Another binary translator based on the open-sourced UQBT.
FDPR-Pro: Feedback Directed Program Restructuring for PPC.
Binary Optimizers: Links to some binary optimizers.

Assembly optimizers

Aipop: An assembly level code compactor for C16x/ST10


Graphviz: An excellent graph visualization tool.
the GCC home page
the binutils home page
ARM Developer Suite