The Function Broker

Submitted by admin on Fri, 04/27/2018 - 14:19

The Function Broker mechanism enables the usage of different implementations to perform a function depending on the backend, application, etc., while maintaining a single, stable core fit for all the different backends and applications. The Broker interface consists of three functions:

void DiabloBrokerCallInstall(char * name, char * prototype, void * implementation, t_bool final, ...);

This function can be used to install an implementation for the function with name name. The boolean argument indicates whether or not this implementation can be extended by other applications.

t_bool DiabloBrokerCallExists(char * name);

This function can be used to check is an implementation has been installed for function name

t_bool DiabloBrokerCall(char * name, ...);

This function is used to execute the installed implementation(s) of the function name. If no implementations are installed, nothing happens and FALSE is returned.
If one or more implementations have been installed, they are executed in the order in which they have been installed and TRUE is returned.